Paulina Roe

Paulina Roe is an on-air personality, born and raised on the Southwest side of Chicago. Paulina is a voice within the city, and her character brings a diverse, young, and bold sound to The Fred Show on 103.5 KISSFM and iHeartRadio. Paulina also hosts her podcast, "unEntitled," where she passes the microphone and shares powerful stories of today's millennials.

Paulina is heavily involved with local charities and community events. As a Latina/Polish woman who grew up in an immigrant household, she is passionate about volunteering with local community organizations and advocates for mental health awareness. Paulina founded the "Get Yo Mind Right" initiative, which provides free services to Chicago's under-resourced communities. Paulina enjoys interacting with others on social media and on air, which is why she is the "social butterfly" of the show.