Taylor Swift Reveals Official End To Eras Tour: 'Its Taken Over Everything'

Photo: Getty Images

Taylor Swift played her 100th Eras Tour show in Liverpool on Thursday (June 13), and celebrated the occasion with a momentous speech that hinted at the tour's finale, set to take place later this year.

The Eras Tour began in March of 2023 and has since brought fans and friends together (dressed in fabulous Taylor Swift era ensembles complete with friendship bracelets) from across the globe, all present to revel in precious moments turned lifelong memories. The "Karma" songstress took the stage to sing her usual slew of career-spanning hits, and to relay an important message to Swifties everywhere.

"You know this is actually the 100th show of the tour. That blows my mind. That doesn't feel like a real statistic to me because this has definitely been the most exhausting, all-encompassing, but most joyful, most rewarding, most wonderful thing that has ever happened in my life this tour."

The dazzling artist continued, revealing how she plans to celebrate the first triple-digit show of the beloved tour, and when the illustrious event will reach its end.

"And I think you know, a lot of people 'well how are you going to celebrate the 100th show,' and for me like, the celebration of the 100th show means...this is the first time i've ever acknowledged this to myself and admitted that this tour is going to end...in December... like that's it. That feels like so far away from now but then again it feels like we just played our first show because you have made this so much fun for us."

Swift referred to the tour as her "entire life" joking that she nearly forgot what hobbies were, because even in her free time, she dreams of the next show.

"I think that this tour has really become my entire life. Like it has taken over everything. Like I think I once had hobbies but I don't know what they were anymore because all I do when I'm not on stage is like sit at home and try to think of like clever acoustic song mashups and think about what you guys might want to hear."

The standout closed her speech by thanking Swifties for showing up to her concerts, assuring that she appreciates each and every bit of effort that fans have put into making the Eras Tour the magical event that it is. Swift will perform her 101st show on Friday (June 14th) as part of a three-date run of shows in Liverpool with Paramore.

The final Eras Tour show will take place in Vancouver, B.C., on December 8th, per the hitmaker's website.